Commercial Lending

We understand the search for a commercial loan that best meets your needs and goals is not easy. We are able to offer a diverse line of commercial real estate loans to inventory loans to meet your business needs and objectives. One of our commercial lenders would be happy to assist and guide you.

Operating Lines

Sometimes you experience temporary cash shortfalls and need to borrow for business expenses such as purchasing, restocking inventory, making seasonal or volume purchases, or taking advantage of trade discounts. A Business Line of Credit is designed to help businesses like yours. It's straightforward, simple, and there when you need it.

Equipment & Inventory

Is it time to purchase a new piece of equipment or build up inventory? We offer Equipment and Inventory Loans for your business. These loans are designed to help businesses like yours. Contact one of our experienced commercial lenders today.

Real Estate

Elberfeld State Bank has the knowledge and experience to put together a Commercial Real Estate Loan package that works for you.Our specialists can offer you flexibility in structuring terms with customized, more manageable payments with fixed or floating rates.

Small Business Loan

Looking to start your own business? An SBA loan could give you the financial support you need. We finance start-up, construction, and other small business projects. One of our experienced loan officers will be glad to review which type of loan is best for your business.